Project House e-drive

Welcome to the Project House e-drive

A Joint Project of Daimler and KIT in the Field of Electric Power Trains

In November 2008, a ground-breaking cooperation project was launched at KIT, the “Project House e-drive”. As an alliance of competence of science and industry, the Project House e-drive is aimed at specifically accelerating the marketability of electric and hybrid vehicles.

The Project House pools activities in the fields of power electronics, control technology, electric machines, and energy storage systems such that valuable synergies result for sustainable mobility research. Here, employees of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and Daimler AG are brought together for close cooperation depending on the project needs. Presentations by the staff of both institutions complement the offer for the scientists involved. In addition, a HEV (hybrid electric vehicle) professorship is established. It is funded by the Daimler Foundation. With it, the competencies of KIT in this field shall be enhanced sustainably.

The Project House pursues an integrated systemic approach covering the development of component hardware, of software solutions for their control and operation, and of tools for safe design. It is the objective to integrate the key components optimally in the power train and to achieve high value added in terms of energy consumption, environmental compatibility, driving dynamics and comfort at acceptable costs. It is focused on both developments for short-term applications and projects with fundamental work for long-term application. The vehicle environment and the vehicle users are taken into account. Economic aspects as well as matters relating to production technology are considered. KIT possesses vast competencies in all research areas mentioned, which are pooled by the KIT Mobility Systems Center.

Research Cooperation in the Field of Electric Drive Systems

Project Scenery in the Project House e-drive